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Aside from help desk engineer software and computer problems, they are also often responsible for the maintenance and installation of hardware components. Give your answer in brief and avoid telling something that related to customer service.

resolve the issue

It is my responsibility to make sure the person seeking assistance is satisfied with the service provided. The Interview Simulator is disabled for this browser due to compatibility issues. Please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to take an interview. See the most common questions in every category assessed by employers and be ready for anything. Having knowledge of software will help you to communicate with the customer effectively.

Factors impacting the salary you receive as an IT support technician include:

Your computer’s IP address is a number that is allocated to it to identify its existence and position on a network. As part of the identifying process, the DHCP server will assign a number to each machine connected to the network. Ipconfig provides the network adapter’s configured information, such as the gateway, IP address, and subnet mask, in a concise manner.

  • But it is still ok if you haven’t done anything related to the position.
  • This Help Desk Specialistinterview profile brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable interview questions.
  • Explaining with confidence what you would do to figure out the answer.
  • IT support technicians provide computer and software technical support in person, over the phone, through email, or via live chat.
  • Interviewers should get an impression that you enjoy going above and beyond while delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

Experienced candidates will have deep knowledge of products, services, and customers they’ve worked with. They will have ready answers for the situational questions and excellent troubleshooting skills.

Service desk Interview Questions

Users and groups are assigned permissions, and you, as the administrator, decide which users have access to which resources. The user’s rights outline their intended method of resource access. Do not list out anything that is a responsibility you have to handle here. That will create a bad impression on the interviewer and you will come off as ignorant. After that, I try quick common fixes for the given condition.

How do I prepare for a help desk interview?

  1. What brought you into working in help desk roles?
  2. How important would you say customer service is?
  3. How beneficial do you think a help desk is to a company?
  4. How important are IT skills in a service desk role?
  5. Where do you find motivation in a help desk role?
  6. Are you able to work weekend shifts?

Sir, I follow some technology tabloids regularly and also keep me connected with social networking sites. On these platforms, I can see the technological advancement news easily. Install and configure the OS, hardware, software, and other online applications. If you have done anything then you can mention to the interviewer like attending a seminar on mass communication, or any computer course. But it is still ok if you haven’t done anything related to the position.

What is your worst experience so far as a help desk assistant?

If they don’t understand, I will transfer my call to another assistant who can help them with their issue. Simulate realistic interviews for over 120 job different titles, with curated questions from real employers. Firstly you should repeat the question and try to understand the customer related issues. I personally think that to help someone, language should not be barrier. Anyhow if you cannot help him out then the best thing would be to make him understand with the sign language . Over a call, you can use google translate or similar tools to communicate with customer.

  • It is my responsibility to make sure the person seeking assistance is satisfied with the service provided.
  • Know that teamwork is an essential part of any corporate job and you will not get through the interview if you show even a slight dislike towards working cooperatively in a team.
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  • This issue can also be caused by corrupt and misconfigured hard drives, OS upgrade problems, obsolete BIOS, loose IDE connectors, and corrupt files.
  • You can tease this out during an interview by asking multi-part questions.